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Writing technical or poetic contents is something amazing to strenght the imagination. Since I was a teenager, I felt the need to show my thinkings in a literal way, mainly for the fact that time I was introspective - the classical Nerd.

So, inspire in the talent of my mother, the gift of my poetic writing appeared in a natural way, the utopies of love together with real life stories. At school, I had more difficulties in searchings for the school works, however, the improvement came after continuous learning for a public tender to access the University in the Federal Technological Center of Paraná (CEFET-PR) in 1.997. When you read my profile, you'll see that was the beginning of the period where I changed most things in my life, even as my real finding in Information Technology career: The Internet. In 2,018, I've concluded 5 projects that was stopped for year and, for inspiration, all was finished and are available on the Amazon Kindle waiting for a formal Book publisher.

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