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Since my 4-years old I’m involved with IT as a computer chip set.

Near 1986, my father bought am old computer that need peripherals to work, including hard disk where we used a simple recorder: this was the TK-82. Since that moment, in my four years old he observed my capacity to read the instructions and programming the system to make it usable. So, every innovation moves me upwards, evolving to IBM-PC x86 (286, 384 and 486), Pentium 100, K6 200, until the beginning of the 21st century with more speed than we ever imagined. Together with the RAM Memory and processors, the solid disks (SSD) changed the market further, completing with the complexity of softwares, obviously, being able to learn by itself with the Artificial Intelligence as a thinking living being. This journey in the computer science is present in me in an intrinsecal form, comproved when I started the Computer Engineering course, be gratuated in System Information Technology, beyond dozens computer training, adding three more specializations: Project, Product and Quality management. Be always yourself, because you can be who you really want to be.

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