Internet is my life through the last 23 years: Music Online, iBest Award, and more.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a global computer network able to connect people of different cultures and languages, a completely unknown link where they make a friendship overnight. It's something fantastic that always bring me a pleasure during each Page or, like we said in the old school: a HomePage. The HP nickname was used by most developers on the Internet, being popular with newbies (however, their preference was for Blog). This changed the communication market more than never imagined before, because every person should be a journalist with their Blogs. But, don't worry, the profession continue to exist and with more empowered too because the know-how of the professionals and the difficult to control the Fake News. To complete, I began my career in March 1997, creating my first projects since July of the same year after I completed fifteen years old. A lot of customers appeared anxious to add their business and ideas in this new market, but I got highlighted in my personal projects such as a music portal Music Online, the environment site Água Viva, the channel and the properties sell

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