The Innovation is a way to find blue oceans to make our dreams come true.

Innovation means create something new. The word come from the latin term innovatio and it refers to an idea, method or object that's created and is only a little bit similar to the old standard. Since this definition, I always feeling like a thinker "outside the box", because the incomprehension around me since when I was a teenager. Each of us has dreams, but my perception is that rarely do most people realize them. So, the proposal of the Innovaion is to generate new paths in the entrepreneurship, looking for new business in Blue Oceans. However, some markets are saturated and it's hard to find opportunities into it. In this case, we'll find Red Oceans that need more fuel to got impact with your ideas. Thinking in me, I got success with the music portal Music Online when the Web was like a baby crawling and, the digital midia wasn't exist yet. This niche was totally new and making Recorder companies and famous artists affraid of it, so, if this happening means a potential exists and an investment in this area could be a good business. Therefore, you must believe in your idea and vision, it's yours. Ar this moment, I'm an Innovation Technician at CELEPAR.

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