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Our Environment: Nature

We need to help Nature survive on our own. Think!

The environment as a nature can have a lot of meanings, because it's a place where the Being is into (even if not). There are the green of forests, the blue of oceans, the white of glaciers, the red of vulcans, among others we can report with the Nature life. However, the environment be our Society as a whole, a community, a group, a team, a family, etc. Therefore, it is a compound word that should be read attentively and understanding with a special value for its interpersonality. From the other side, the environment that I commonly develop online projects have relation with living beings of all forms and intelligence, including tress, fungi an flowers. Although I was approved for Environmental Engineering at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR, Brazil, 2002), I decided to continue studying my mother area, informatics, starting with Computer Engineering (Positivo University, Brazil), being transferred after being approved in a public tender for UFPR again, but now, to the Systems Information course where I concluded and obtained my third level degree in 2,013. But, this changw maintained my interest to continue working in environmental projects, so, in 2,020 I recreated the Água Viva Project, giving the start in an Instagram profile using the URL aguaviva.top

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