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The Internet was the beginning of everything and continues to be part of my personal and professional life. For more than two decades, dozens of online projects have been created, both personal and for customers.

I am listing my main personal projects and some clients that have gone through my history. First, it all started with Andrade HomePage, Divers @ o HomePage, Andre's HOT Page, Next Zone ( / nextzone.cjb, net), Heal The World, Água Viva (, Projeto Salvar (, Livraria Vinde (my first e-commerce) and, from these experiences, it was possible to create Music Online .br - -, a project for the dissemination of music in all its forms, also helping independent artists to find their space in the musical world through the Internet. In addition to them, new projects are always being created, such as Sua Casa Sua Vida ( and the channel.

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Andrade HomePage

The Andrade HomePage it was my first personal website, with it I could show my teenager tastes and my Nerd profile in specific contents such as the HTML manual, the JavaScrpt, Hacker tipos, RPG, and others.

Andrade HomePage1997-1999


The Brazilian Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Extension (IBPEX) offers on training at the master’s and doctoral level in several areas, which as formed by specialized teams to better meet the needs of its students and partner institutions. In 1999, I was hired by Professor Wilson Picler to develop the 1999 version of the website at

Instituto Brasileiro de Pós-Graduação e Extensão (Brazilian Institute of Graduate Studies and Extension)1997

Heal The World

HEAL THE WORLD CAMPAIGN aims to help people, bring information about the world situation and thus emotionate everyone, making everyone do their best to improve life on this planet. If everyone wants a better world, we will have a better world, if the opposite, we will have the opposite. So we can see that it is a society that chooses the future of the world, as it will be in a few years. You can change, everyone can change. Let’s make a better world, before it’s too late. Do what is good … “Life is a slice that can be filled with affection, love and dedication”, by Andre Luis de Andrade

Heal The World1997-1999

Next Zone

The Next Zone was a project that changed my life on the Internet, because it was with it that the Music channel proved to be important and was the origin of the creation of Music Online .br.

Next Zone1998-2000

Água Viva

Nature always needs our attention, however, it was after the Industrial Revolution that everything got worse, causing even more difficulties for recovery as well. Small actions can become big, both for good and for bad. With this thought in mind, the Água Viva Project was created in 1999 – initially called Águas -, where news and theories on environmental issues were distributed in a concise and easy to understand manner to encourage readers to save water and realize its value for everyone living beings on Planet Earth.

Água Viva (Water Project)1998-2005

Music Online Records

I founded Music Online Records ( on April 18, 1998, when the online music market was still in its infancy and the artists didn’t have a showcase on the Internet. In it, I worked from the beginning, with the idealization, planning, execution and tests. As a result, in its first ten years, it was awarded for 8 consecutive times in the iBest Award, the biggest award on the Brazilian Internet: 3x TOP3, 3x TOP5 and 2x TOP10, including in the Music category. After this period, the portal grew and expanded, becoming one of the largest in Brazil until mid-2015. Since then, new projects related to it have been developed, including Project Music Online and

Music Online / MOL.br1998-2020

Sua Casa Sua Vida

Sua Casa Sua Vida ( works with the sale of properties from all niches (houses and apartments), including those that are part of the Casa Verde Amarela Program.

Sua Casa Sua Vida (

The proposal of the channel ( ) is to create a collaborative community focused to the genre of Rock integrating artists, musicians, teachers and music lovers in general. In this way, each one supports the members of the community to grow.


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