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The proposal of the channel ( ) is to create a collaborative community focused to the genre of Rock integrating artists, musicians, teachers and music lovers in general. In this way, each one supports the members of the community to grow.

The was created using more than 23 years of experience in Digital Music on Web with the project Music Online -, which has started in 1.998 with the goal to promote music in all its forms. It was the first brazilian portal to launch an automatized system for indie artists and garage bands to share their talents and songs in a free way. Furthermore, it was eight time finalist of the iBest Award (Prêmio iBest), o Oscar of Internet. LET'S GET TOGETHER TO FORM A NEW AND LARGE COMMUNITY WITHIN MUSIC AND ROCK N ROLL. BE A GUITARMAN.TV PARTNER! TALK WITH US RIGHT NOW! E-mail: WhatsApp (41) 99996-2445

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