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Life is made up of constant projects, some organized, others that happen when we least expect it. However, to be successful it is always interesting to document what you want to do.

From this issue, there are several methodologies that help us in the documentation of projects, being very popular in all areas of professional knowledge. In Information Technology, I particularly developed based on software development methodologies with reference to the Waterfall Model, where there is a logical sequence of work: Requirement, Project, Implementation, Verification and Maintenance. However, agile methodology has started to dominate the market in recent years due to the ease of working in parallel with the various stages within a project, including working together with the famous pair-programming. In my life, I wrote some personal projects of a professional nature, writing step by step in details such as Business Plan, Project Opening Term and the stages of Planning, Execution and Tests, as main ones. Some of the projects I am proud to comment on are the Music Online Project, Music 4 World, Compre Músicas (Undergraduate degree), the new, among others.

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Music Online Project

It’s a dream! An incredible dream! The Music Online project is much more than a Website. It’s a dream, a space for artists developing their self-esteem and share their talent to the whole world.

Music Online Project1998-Present

The proposal of the channel ( ) is to create a collaborative community focused to the genre of Rock integrating artists, musicians, teachers and music lovers in general. In this way, each one supports the members of the community to grow.


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