Presence Online vs Online Presence

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on Pulse and I really appreciate to introduce myself talking a little bit about my life with and without Internet, the thing that was changed my way of view the world and talk with him/her, exactly in March of 1997. At this year, my father bought the 14400kbps modem after some friend recommended to him a new possibility to find more information without going to a traditional library, only with a simple click in the mouse. When the WWW arrived in my room, the ‘passion’ it was installed – in the future, this be transformed in ‘love’.

Coming back some years, in the ending of 80s and beginning of 90s, I remember when I was using a computer with four years old, a TK-86 micro-micro-computer, when the TV was the monitor and the keyword it was,… the keyboard (mouse? only five years after…). For use the machine my father bring to home some magazines with codes that would be compiled and transformed in a software that could be used only at once, unfortunately (believe it?). Well, this difficulty never gave me to give up and I continue to learn and waiting for Microsoft Windows 3.11, near to 1991, after we mounted a x86 386 IBM PC with boards bought at different stores. However, the things it was not so easy and at first – between 1989 and 1991, approximately – we had a x86 286 IBM-PC where we need to install MS-DOS, configuring the ‘Automenu’ application to use as a menu, the ‘edit’ to use as a text editor and a 5’1/4 floppy-disk available to do everything (with 720kB).

Well, after this time the computer technology changed faster and faster, bring to everyone the opportunity to store more information, saving family photos, address books, playing more complex games, drawing more incredible images and plants and much, much more.

The idea of this article is centered in questions such as:

  • How do you use the technology?
  • Why do you need the technology?
  • What would happen if the technology disappear of your life?

The answers will be more different than you imagine, but the instinct to think about them will be more common and related with the necessity to be integrated in the Society as a person who have opinion and would like to expose your own point-of-views. We could never imagine that the technology is a problem, because the human nature is always with hungry and looking for opportunities to grow and find the ‘NEW’.

In this way of thinking, the article will jump to 1994, when the contemporary Internet born as a business and started to be available for common people (not only for government and universities). When this happened, the WWW doesn’t exist in my country (Brazil) and I was too young to understand about BBS, however, incredible companies discovered this market, such as Yahoo!,, Digital Altavista, Cadê?, Microsoft, Universo Online (UOL), America Online (AOL), and other,.. they histories can be used to understand a little about that moment.

The “Online Presence” could be defined when the company or person must to be in the right place, at the right time, with the necessity to be remembered by others spontaneously OR when someone displays a information about yourself, independent if the person or company achieved wants it. This is a passive form about how to use the Web.

Otherwise, there are a few people that should to talk to reduce and/or control the ego-centrism, the shame, or simple live beyond the limits.

The social networking introduce to our lives the opportunity to do this without expose our real bio-type characteristics. For me, this began with the chat, such as the mIRC, when the people could start a meeting using a channel or talk directly each other in a private room. This form of use I defined as: Presence Online.

The “Presence Online” could be defined when the person or company exposes the opinion about something and waits for some action or answer from the other side.

Now I am imagining you reading this article and asking by itself something like ‘Why this article is important to me? Why I am using my precious time to read it?’

Fortunately, the answer evolve much more than the content of it, evolve the mind of each of us and its a way to think more about the use of the Internet. The most of users never think about – living with security, create a future with credibility, maintain the past intact, respect the others,…

The ‘World Wide Web’ increased fast and almost uncontrolled and now, we have a new definition for ‘Pirate’, where everyone can be defined how a one. If your ‘Online Presence’ includes lies or false information you will be tagged as a not reliable person/company, but exists a huge possibility that these will be never discovered and if its, only remove or edit to solve part of the problem – something will be recorded in someplace. However, if your ‘Presence Online’ includes these mad information you will might be treated as a Criminal and your history will be marked forever – in most of cases, the family and/or friends history, will too.

What this paragraph is displaying for us?

Well, both of situations need to be used as examples of life analysis when related with your Virtual Life. You need to think a little when write and post something, because your action could not be evolve only you, could change more lives than you imagine,.. you should thinking more and imagine your life ‘in harmony’ and ‘without harmony’.

Think before everything.


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