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Books are works that come from within each one of us, texts need to be full of emotion, understanding and the use of techniques based on studies and scientific research, when appropriate.

During the last years, text were written since my fifhteen year-old and compiled twenty-one years after in 2.018. Some of my books has started to be written in 2.004, when the youth was in full stream and the vision of the world was less serious and technical as today, when the maturity dominates us. However, is important to preserve this kind of feeling inside us, because the life is much more beautiful that we imagine, even all the everyday complications. I wrote five books involving poetries, fictions, computer science and corporate self-steem for beginners, containing each centimeter of experience that I have passed by. NOwadays, I'm writing an Encyclopaedia of the Brazilian Internet, my Alma mater.

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