Recognition is something we need to be proud of, because it came from a lot of effort and dedication, nights of little sleep and with a lot of study, planning and execution. (Andre Luis de Andrade)

Since I started on the Internet, back in 1997, I was presented with prizes that recognized the best projects from the Popular Vote. This criterion involved me on such a scale that the analysis of content, usability and audience always made me uncomfortable when not successfully achieved. An example of this were the approximately 13 versions of Music Online in 22 years of the project. However, I am proud of all the work, starting with the second place in Music in the iconic TOP 10 BRAZIL contest and of the eight consecutive achievements in the iBest Award, the biggest global award on the Internet, between the years 2000 and 2006. Also, the online environmental project Água Viva won recognition in the TOP 30 of the National StarMedia Contest of Sites in 2000, in addition to being featured in editions of the WebGuide Magazine,, in other media. Now, I am even more proud to have been invited by the CEO of iBest, Mr. Marcos Wettreich to be part of the iBest Academy from the new iBest 2020 Award, a dream that he has made reality with his simplicity and respect. Thank you all!

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iBest Academy

The iBest Academy is composed of renowned professionals from the Internet, Information Technology, Press, Marketing and sectors involved with the event and with the specificities of each award category.

iBest Academy - iBest Award 20202020

iBest Award

The biggest prize of the Brazilian Internet was responsible for encouraging, motivating and providing unforgettable moments to many of the digital entrepreneurs who made (and do) the Brazilian Internet. Finalist for eight consecutive times in the iBest Award (Prêmio iBest) with the Music Online portal between 2000 and 2006.

IBest Award Recognition2000-2006

Starmedia National Contest of Sites

The National StarMedia Website Contest (Concurso Nacional StarMedia de Sites) – – held in 2000 by one of the largest Internet companies in Latin America, StarMedia, came to try to compete with the iBest Award, but unsuccessfully. However, it is still very important in my trajectory.

Recognition in the National Starmedia Website Contest2000

Top 10 Brazil

The Top 10 Brazil (Top 10 Brasil), created by the innovator Michel Lent Schwartzman, was the first open site contest, that is, where it was possible to vote for your favorite sites and see the number of votes that each received.

Recognitions in the Top 10 Brazil Contest1997-1999

Youth Protagonism

In my 18 years, I was recognized as Youth Protagonism from several projects that I carried out online in order to help people both in their self-esteem in the projects Heal The World, Anti-Drugs and Save and in protecting the environment with the project Água Viva, being the main recipient of the tribute.

Youth Protagonism2000


During my professional life history, some of my projects have been recognized by the Brazilian press.

Press Recognition1998-Present

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