About Me

About Me

Hello, my friend or colleague, if you prefer. I am Andre de Andrade, an Internet, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Music lover, Writer, Middle Environment defender and, obviously, my Children's lover.

Since 1997 I works with Information Technology to understand better this market and improve my knowledges about computer science. At now, I'm a member of the iBest Academy, too. However, my real focus is to create solutions to solve issues that will help people to achieve their goals. In the beginning, I created an iBest Awarded (2000-2006) music portal named Music Online Records (musiconline.com.br), self-steem and environment project such as Heal The World, Projeto Salvar and Água Viva's projects. So, the dreams and goals continues the same with my Books, the music channel GuitarMan.tv and, the home space SuaCasaSuaVida.com.

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Courses and Trainings

Compiled Languages

Experience in the C Language as a programmer of HSBC Insurance (Brazil) and training of Java and Cobol II for technical and historical knowledge.

Language C (professional experience) / COBOL II e Java (training)2003-2008

Web Languages

More than 20 years of experience in the Internet area creating projects since the proposition until the conception. In development, knowledge since HTML, CSS, Perl and relevant acting in PHP. Notions in JavaScript.

Planning and Websites Development using interpreted languages1997-Present


A database in essential to any system. Initially, In the beginning, I was saving data in text files, evoluting to XML and JSON, however, the MySQL and the Workbench data modeling are my main knownledge to work in the projects.

MySQL and Database Modeling (MySQL Workbench)2003-Present

Software Quality Management

The Quality Area is essential in the development and maintenance of products, in special, the softwares, which reveal details during the test phases. I have 5 years experience as Test Analyst, Test Architect and Software Quality Assurance Analyst in HSBC (Brazil) subsidiaries, Cinq Technologies and Inlog.com.br.

Post-graduation in Software Quality Management (CMMI) at Centro Universitário de Araraquara (UNIARA)2014-2015

Project Management

The Project Management started in the presentation of the proposal, being described since the production of the business plan. With the plan in hands, the next step its the Project Charter, detailing it as a whole since the requisites, the budget management, the product management steps, the development rules and steps, the test plan and its execution, and the contingency plan. To finish, the product as delivered and its implementation as made following the schedule. I have pratical experience in the execution of projects in big companies, and in the idealization and planning involving my own business in the digital world (WWW).

MBA in Project Management at Universidade Positivo2016-2017

Software Product Management

In the Software of Product Management, the planning and execution phases of a project determine the schedule their actors. It’s essential to have a notion about one or more steps of this process, however, the most important is the team work and the activities will be delivered with the objective to make things more efficient, resulting in more effectiveness of the final product. Experience in the development of own products such as dozens of sites and the Music Online Records portal.

Software Product Management at University of Alberta (Canada, Coursera.org)2016-2018

Information Systems

Information Systems is the expression used to describe a System, whether automated or manual, which encompasses people, machines and / or organized methods to collect, store, process, transmit and disseminate data that represent information for the user and / or customer.

Information Systems at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR, Brazil)2013

Work Experience


The Ate.com.br was founded in 1.997 and since the beginning the focus is the Internet with planning, development and maintenance of Web systemas. The direction is content portals, personal and corporate websites. Moreover, we worked with Software Testing for companies as HSBC and Cinq Technologies.

Ate.com.br / ATE SITES / ATE IT SOLUTIONS1997-Present

Music Online Records

I founded Music Online Records (musiconline.com.br) on April 18, 1998, when the online music market was still in its infancy and the artists didn’t have a showcase on the Internet. In it, I worked from the beginning, with the idealization, planning, execution and tests. As a result, in its first ten years, it was awarded for 8 consecutive times in the iBest Award, the biggest award on the Brazilian Internet: 3x TOP3, 3x TOP5 and 2x TOP10, including in the Music category. After this period, the portal grew and expanded, becoming one of the largest in Brazil until mid-2015. Since then, new projects related to it have been developed, including Project Music Online and GuitarMan.tv.

Music Online Records (musiconline.com.br)1998-2020

HSBC Insurance (Brazil)

It was at HSBC Insurance (Brazil) int their Kennedy Service Center (CAK) where I began my professional career in the IT area between 2003 and 2008, because until that moment it was limited to Internet. There, I started to learn how a corporate environment work and, I had the opportunity to study and tooke more than 42 trainings in the area such as: C Language, SQL, COBOL II, Mainframe, Shell Script, Java, Roscoe, z/OS, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Software Testinh, and others.

HSBC Insurance (Brazil)2003-2008

HSBC Global Technology (Brazil)

At the HSBC Global Technology (Brazil) software factory I had my first opportunity to work with international projects into the company, in special, the OneHSBC. I executed revision and creation software testing activities with Brzil, UK, India and Chine teams.

HSBC Global Technology (Brazil)2010-2011

Cinq Technologies

The Cinq Technologies is a company from Curitiba (Paraná, Brazil) working with a software factory, testing and executing projects for medium-size and big-size customers. In that epoque, I worked as a Test Architect for projects such as the Racco Cosmetics – brazilian and international -, which obtained success and return on investment for both companies. Moreover, I did functional tests to Diebold.

Cinq Technologies2012

HSBC Bank (Brazil)

In the HSBC Bank (Brazil), I worked at CAVH (Vila Hauer Service Center) executing software testing in the project of the new Internet Banking (2012-2013).

HSBC Bank (Brazil)2012-2013


The Inlog Group work with with tracking of vehicles, in the monitoring and management in a transparent way. I worked as Senior Quality Assurance Analyst creating functional test scenarios and helping the development team to create a software quality assurance area for Systrac company, the development arm of the group.

Inlog Group - Systrac2013


The Company of Information Technology and Communication of Paraná (CELEPAR) is responsible for the technological management fo the State as a whole, since technical support, simple and complex systems, beyond the management of all information through the Datacenter.

CELEPAR - Information Technology and Communication of Paraná2013-Present

Sua Casa Sua Vida

Sua Casa Sua Vida (suacasasuavida.com) works with the sale of properties from all niches (houses and apartments), including those that are part of the Casa Verde Amarela Program.

Sua Casa Sua Vida (suacasasuavida.com)2019-Present


The proposal of the GuitarMan.tv channel ( guitarman.tv ) is to create a collaborative community focused to the genre of Rock integrating artists, musicians, teachers and music lovers in general. In this way, each one supports the members of the community to grow.



iBest Academy

The iBest Academy is composed of renowned professionals from the Internet, Information Technology, Press, Marketing and sectors involved with the event and with the specificities of each award category.

iBest Academy - iBest Award 20202020

iBest Award

The biggest prize of the Brazilian Internet was responsible for encouraging, motivating and providing unforgettable moments to many of the digital entrepreneurs who made (and do) the Brazilian Internet. Finalist for eight consecutive times in the iBest Award (Prêmio iBest) with the Music Online portal between 2000 and 2006.

IBest Award Recognition2000-2006

Starmedia National Contest of Sites

The National StarMedia Website Contest (Concurso Nacional StarMedia de Sites) – www.concursodesites.com.br – held in 2000 by one of the largest Internet companies in Latin America, StarMedia, came to try to compete with the iBest Award, but unsuccessfully. However, it is still very important in my trajectory.

Recognition in the National Starmedia Website Contest2000

Top 10 Brazil

The Top 10 Brazil (Top 10 Brasil), created by the innovator Michel Lent Schwartzman, was the first open site contest, that is, where it was possible to vote for your favorite sites and see the number of votes that each received.

Recognitions in the Top 10 Brazil Contest1997-1999

Youth Protagonism

In my 18 years, I was recognized as Youth Protagonism from several projects that I carried out online in order to help people both in their self-esteem in the projects Heal The World, Anti-Drugs and Save and in protecting the environment with the project Água Viva, being the main recipient of the tribute.

Protagonismo Juvenil2000


During my professional life history, some of my projects have been recognized by the Brazilian press.

Press Recognition1998-Present

My Books

A Arte de Amar em Poesias

Love and understand others is an essential virtuous in a relationship.

A Arte de Amar em Poesias (The Art of Love in Poetries) [portuguese version]2018

A Fábrica de Papel

The search for the reality is something that go beyond of our Being.

A Fábrica de Papel (The Paper Mill)2018

Testadores e Programadores: Em Um Ambiente de Desenvolvimento Ágil

The Agile methodology turn to be an essential part of efficient software development, efectiveness and, inclusive, improving the relationship between team members. The pair programming is a good example of it.

Testadores e Programadores - Em Um Ambiente de Desenvolvimento Ágil (Testers and Programmers - In an Agile Development Environment)2018

The Art of Love in Poetries

A Book to inspire your personal life with your love.

The Art of Love in Poetries2018

A Força do Talento

Self-knowledge is essential for all businesses.

A Força do Talento (The Power of Talent)2018

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